Các gốc tự do của Bitcoin (và tiền điện tử)

Bitcoin Libertarian Roots

You can read that Bitcoin is the creative creation of the people, the player on your host and anonymous on the Internet. The reply answer is:  yes  .

As an existing on, paper white Bitcoin (a description of the technician of the technology) has up in a mailing list list. The list that is already registered by the cypherpunks names, the boots active, security and security in the changing the social and primary values.

This is already exists to the year 2008, a time is still still be longer from the last of the most of the most recent recent recent. Chiếm Wall Street was happen. The major of the main account has been exposure. Greek will be felloring into your state. Nợ quốc gia is spiral.

All people on the world of lost, work, live details. And dumping error for large bank, Wall Wall, overlay chính; organised they must be trust money, they were they are given money and who were be do you like the information.

Bằng nhiều cách, Bitcoin là đại diện cho sự thất bại với cấu trúc tài chính và ngân hàng toàn cầu. If they don’t be guessing the bank, if they don’t want to return the high and hoa hồng does not work for the middle time, if they don’t want to the fair of the life of the mutating random group I must chịu trách nhiệm về tiền của họ.

Mong muốn auto do your exit exits from the external of the country is shown with Bitcoin. Nhờ the basic blockchain engine, the initialization rules for initial start the Bitcoin with the physical character do that is possible: