Blockchain – Chuỗi khối

Blockchain  – Block khối

The string ‘(‘ black ‘) include the maximum string string from the blue green blocks (genesis). The nonphan color blocks but not accept any do not friendly network mesh.

All  data  on the Internet network has been easily easily be copied, each Bitcoin transaction also only a information block. Normal, when online transaction, we will need to a third second center that we need tưởng (ví dụ:  Paypal , Public Banking,  Vietcombank , …) with one  database database tập trung to xác Minh  transaction  Nhâm chống gian lận on kẻ gian usage lại khối this information more than once. Công nghệ  blockchain  have giải quyết bài toán been this (double-chi) but do not need to bên trung gian thứ ba tin cậy. Blockchain is a register register all transactions. Data in the register list is the next network and the network. Transaction when A bitcoin X send for be written on all system, all the computer in this network will specify minh and writing the transaction into the book and allocate this data to another computers. Blockchain  is a anonymous disabling database ; Continuous hosts executing the verifying checksum by the authentic minh to get and so sánh with the signature of the transaction.

Go the art, the  transactions specified by  the Ellicalic ( ECDSA ) [17]  and defined by the string process process in  the hash function  SHA256  by the Bitcoin training. Mỗi khối trong blockchain file contains all the information Transaction Trọng Khôi which in 1  cây Merkle  – as a  tree binary  with the order was built from a sequences of the object database usage  hàm hash  – for đạt hiệu quả cao trong việc archive and specify  to large data transactions. With a valid transaction, system will remove it by select by numbers. Cách giải quyết về sự đồng thuận this of công nghệ blockchain is lời giải cho  bài toán Các vị tướng Byzantine  in vực  khoa học máy tính [18] . Càng has many join host on the system bar for blockchain, processing power and the block of the system block of the global.

Công nghệ blockchain have many other applications mà tiền tệ Bitcoin chỉ is one of which, for example: Ứng dụng cho việc đăng ký usage đất đai, các loại  công chứnghợp đồng  thông minh (auto allowed to or destroyed protocol with a condition set up), register namespace , skipping rule, … when the  algorithm algorithm, should not trusted on third third center (which may not trusted vì tệ nạn  tham nhung ). The blockchain for phép the strange that can be transactions that you need to be need.

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