Cảnh sát Surrey, lần đầu tiên ở Anh tịch thu và bán BTC

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Warning the Surrey Anh was given for the complete transaction of the Bitcoin to first year after the transaction amount was received 296 BTC,  theo Forbes.

The sale, be initialized by an local context of the Brother, has been published after Latvia Seregjs Teresko bị bắt và bị trục xuất. Teresko was already an tù.

In sale time, the bitcoin value values ​​1,5 million la la, which must be bad time for Surrey Warning is a month after, the Bitcoin value has been added from 5,000 million la to 20,000,000,000 la la.

Today, a address of the given address of the commodity must be used as a valid, and the warning Surrey has held 18,8% amount of total amount and use it into the current activity của nó; bank bonus for the table 273.000 locations warning (equivalent 385.000 la la) A comment of the following language:

“Responsive of their we are an action request for the action, in the current legal framework, and a allowed, for action … Chúng will not be guess by way product or any assets (dù bitcoin, đồ trang sức, xe hơi hoặc other way) đã bị tịch thu theo Đạo luật Tội với hy vọng nó thay đổi về giá trị. ”

“Warning will not hodl,” extra user add, use the magic  code

The following home has been executing to take a travelling when theyst the last family of the Latvia, recovery the page page, include the gold items, one of BMW và one Range Rover. Chart table value 50,000 (65.000 đô la)

Warning access Bitcoin bits on the time that is using the Seregjs key and your own settings and it is it is added on a swap money prefix on the external.

In year 2017,  the output for the co giật of the  coppy of the Bitcoin of the legal of the package of the law of the law, N8, and the following security for the community for the law of the N8, the same comments for the warning will need to open your comment for cryptocurrency for an cash.

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